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  • Why an S-Corp

    WHY INCORPORATE ? Protect Your Assets and Take Your Business to the Next Level. The type of business structure you have in place determines everything! The #1 most overlooked tip by people running side businesses is that they fail to setup a business entity because they still view their business as a little side business that they will incorporate when things take off. Read More

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  • Business Coaching

    If time or finances will support your hiring a business coach Go for it – start working with a coach. It does not matter whether it is Kevin Weir of ActionCoach or another qualified professional. What’s important is to consider how doing so will impact your results significantly. When interviewing your coach, make sure they have the resources to systematically help you achieve your goals. You’re not interested in an hourly consultant. Read More

  • 90 Day Plan

    Energy, Vision & Focus for the next 90 Days in Your Business! Receive more than 300 powerful marketing tools to help you general and convert new business, increase sales with your customers, and even lower business overhead costs. Resources to help you set and achieve Action-able goals. Tools to systematize your business, build your team, and so much more. Text us at (253) 553-2174 and enter the words “90 Day Plan” and we will send you the formula, along with other excellent coaching resources, completely free! Click to Learn More

  • Real Estate Agents

    7 DEADLY SINS OF REAL ESTATE AGENTS & HOW TO AVOID THEM: Amidst all the emails, phone calls, viewing appointments and oh yes, more viewing appointments, you were supposed to be keeping track of where all the money went, right? Reality sets in when you see the tax bill. Below are the seven most common challenges Real Estate professionals face, along with real solutions to these real problems. Read More

  • Get Educated

    CUTTING COSTS: There are many useful apps available, either for free or for a nominal sum. Spend time to educate yourself and your staff so that you can avoid spending company dollars when you could use these apps to plan your spending more efficiently and at a lower cost. Take, for example, the issue of security. There are now tools and apps for you to monitor your buildings and obtain enhanced security. These devices or apps do not require a monthly fee for these monitoring activities. Read More / Book Links 

  • Optimized Website

    WAYS TO USE DIGITAL MARKETING TO CLOSE BUSINESS: Of all of the areas that make up the Five Ways Principle, it is the Conversion Rate strategy that is the least costly yet most impactful. Employ an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert, Purchase Digital Advertising to Draw People to Your Online Media

  • Business Card Sample

    One Powerful Referral Method: When a client expresses that they are happy with my service, I pull out three business cards. On the first one, I write my cell phone number. I tell them specifically that I do not give this number out to everyone but that I want to make sure that their every need is met. Therefore, if they have any questions, they can call me personally. Next, I hand them two more business cards, the backs of which have a space for them to write down the name, email and phone number of a referral.

  • Financial Resources

    If you want to move to the next level in life and your business, if you want better resources that you can bounce your ideas off of, if you want connections to a wider network, then you need to take the time to identify Power Partners.

  • Lowest Price 401K

    Have you wondered how much your 401K plan administrator fees are costing you? While it is a complicated process to find out the specific forms necessary to determine the fees, the good news is that it is easy to find out exactly how much you could be overpaying.

  • Retirement Calculator

    GETTING THE LOWDOWN ON YOUR BASELINE RETIREMENT NEEDS: I am regularly asked by my clients to help them determine how much money they need to retire, both the minimum and a comfortable amount.
    There are many variables at play from your age, income level, retirement plans as well as savings levels so I always suggest they go see a qualified financial advisor. But then I go on to share with my clients, my down and dirty calculations for determining their baseline retirement needs.

  • Money / Master the Game

    Here’s one final note on investing and this is the best advice I have for those trying to save for retirement.  Purchase and read the book, Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins.  Many of the ideas I shared here come from this book and there are many dozens of other ideas there that could save you many thousands of dollars.  If you don’t have the time or the discipline to read all the details in this powerful book on investing, you can always get my review of the book by going to www.smallbizzoom.com.

  • VOIP, Cut the Phone Bill

    One piece of technology that I changed during my 2008 review of business expenses was my phone carrier. I was using one of the big phone companies. We had five phone lines and a fair amount of long distance calls which meant I had a monthly phone bill of $300. Today, I pay less than $100 a month. The cost of my hardware (the phones itself) went down from a whopping $35,000 to $1,000! We started using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) whereby you access the telephone lines through your internet connection.

  • Are You Audit Proof

    Avoid an Audit.
    Team Up with Action Tax and Implement the Action Tax 10 Step Process to become Audit Proof! 14 Ways to Avoid an Audit from the IRS Read More

  • Four Step Hiring Process

    STEP 1: Recruit the right people. STEP 2: Pre-screen and select the right candidate for the interview. STEP 3: Conduct a three-step interview process STEP 4: Select and hire the best. For greater detail, Buy the Book