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Incorporation - A 17 Step Process Package

Incorporate Your Business. The Complete Package

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Plan to have Money for Retirement

A Retirement Tool, How Much Will You Need

GETTING THE LOWDOWN ON YOUR BASELINE RETIREMENT NEEDS: I am regularly asked by my clients to help them determine how much money they need to retire, both the minimum and a comfortable amount.

There are many variables at play from your age, income level, retirement plans as well as savings levels so I always suggest they go see a qualified financial advisor.

But then I go on to share with my clients, my down and dirty calculations for determining their baseline retirement needs. We have a Retirement Tool that makes it easy to determine the amount you will need for retirement.


The Four Step Hiring Process

The Four Step Hiring / Recruitment Process: Includes Examples of Employee Induction, Hiring Kits, Retention Ideas, Positional Contracts, A "How To" Manual that dives deep into the details of four main categories:

  1. How to generate leads for the positions you want filled
  2. How to conduct phone screening of leads
  3. Conduct an on-site screening of leads
  4. Conduct a final interview then hire